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Spiritual Religion Can Safeguard the Indian Nation

Only India can insulate the mankind with its religion of spiritual humanism that is the bed rock of the Indian civilization.

Written by: Dr. Mahesh Kaul || Posted in category: Thinkers || Dated: 2009-12-01

Swami Vivekananda

India is at the crossroads today. The reason being the onslaught on its spiritual and national core from internal and external threats. The grave threat which India has been facing right from the partition of the subcontinent is the terrorism meant to bleed the spiritual core of the nation(tribal invasion in 1947 sponsored by Pakistan).The 26/11 made it visible to the elite classes who had otherwise shut their eyes towards any incident that was meant to balkanize the Indian nation and hence civilization.

The threat faced by India is not recent one .It was there but the media and the intellectual class never paid any heed towards it.Whether it was the en mass exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits from the valley of Kashmir in 1990 or the terrorist attacks on the landmark of the Indian democracy-the parliament.This denial mode has cost the nation in a big way .It has led to the mindset and the class of people within the the domain of the law of the land to dilute the Indian civilization and create the Indian state which seems to be in conflict with the Indian nation and hence, the Indian civilization.

Policy makers in haste and perhaps in a bid to create vote banks have diluted the sovereignty and integrity of India.Thus creating a political class which has created the political establishment, which sees every attempt to bail out the fifth columnists as their natural duty as it helps them to keep the flawed infrastructure of their entry into executive intact to subvert the civilizational edifice of India.The greatest blow to the national character was given by the political class in 1947,who were negotiating the transfer of power in tandem with the partition of the subcontinent without realizing the magnitude of the displacement and bloodshed that accompanied the vivisection of the Indian subcontinent.It didn’t stop there ,the sore has been developing with every passing year and now it seems that it has graduated to such an extent that the support to balkanization of already divided India is finding takers in the political class who want to convert it into electoral gain.

But the question is at what cost?The answer is simple at the cost of the Indian civilization.The continuous invasion of the foreign invaders in the past appear small as the acts of internal elements seem to be more dangerous as they provide the necessary oxygen to these external elements by facilitating their acts overtly and covertly.And by doing this these elements want to paint the religion of the land in the black.

What these elements in the political establishment forget is that the religion grounded in the human values has been the soul of India.And no power however, strong has been able to hurt this core and hence the spirit.That is why despite continuous victimization of the people of the land and destruction of their religious places India emerged as the jewel of the human civilization.Instead of getting vanished from the world map it not only reappeared but also provided the shelter to the persecuted people of various religions.

Swami Vivekananda, the tiger among the nationalists of the land stressed the need to look inward to keep the soul of the nation intact. In June19, 1907- Sri Aurobindo another proud son of the soil,revolutionary visionary and philosopher spoke thus, on Swami Vivekananda, “Apart from the natural attachment which every man has to his country,literature,its traditions,its customs and usages ,patriotism has an additional stimulus in the acknowledged excellence of a national civilization .If Britons love England with all her faults ,why should we fail to love India whose faults were whittled down to an irreducible minimum till foreign conquests threw the whole society out of gear ?

But instead of being dominated by the natural ambition of carrying the banner of such a civilization all over the world ,we are unable to maintain its integrity in its native home .This is betraying a trust this is unworthiness of the worst type .we have not been able to add anything to this precious bequest ;on the contrary we have been keeping ourselves and generations yet unborn from full enjoyment of their lawful heritage……..”Further emphasizing the point he says,”According to Sidgwick, physical expansion proceeds from a desire for a spiritual expansion and history also supports the assertion. But why should not India then be the first power in the world? Who else has the undisputed right to extend spiritual sway over the world? This was Swami Vivekananda’s plan of campaign. India can once more be made conscious of the greatness by an overmastering sense of the greatness of her spirituality.

This sense of greatness is the main feeder of all patriotism. This only can put an end to all self-depreciation and generate a burning desire to recover the lost ground.”The challenges before India are manifold keeping in view the global scenario. And greatest challenge is the threat to its civilization.India has to rise first to pull out itself from the state of self deception and look into its glorious past and then lead the world community ,which is in a crisis keeping in view the economic meltdown and the political fall out associated with it.

Only India can insulate the mankind with its religion of spiritual humanism that is the bed rock of the Indian civilization.Only then can we come out the illusion of self deception .In which we have been entangled by the political class who don’t pay heed towards the spiritual wisdom of Indian heritage.Consequently, the scenario is there for everyone to see.In the words of Swami Vivekananda,more there is an attempt to hide the humanistic Indian religion –more forcefully it reappears .
Policy makers, politicians and intellectual class need to pay heed to these words of advise. Swami Vivekananda says,”In religion lies the vitality of India ,and so long as the Hindu race do not forget the great inheritance of their forefathers,there is no power on earth to destroy them”.

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