Himalayan Heritage Foundation

Center for policy research on Himalayan Region

About Himalayan Heritage Foundation

“HIMALAYAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION” is a think tank for the purpose of boosting, promoting, preserving and conserving the heritage, culture, rituals, folklore, art, language, oral traditions of the state of Jammu & Kashmir with particular emphasis on the Sanskrit Civilisational moorings of the Northern Frontier of the Indian Nation. The trust will also put emphasis on the research and propagation of the philosophy of the Kashmir Shaivism and work for safeguarding the ritual tradition of Jammu Region in terms of Local Deities and the Shakta Tradition.

HIMALAYAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION will also work for the promotion of educational activities in terms of the capacity building to uphold heritage and culture in terms of heritage tourism among the various stakeholders and to achieve these particular objectives of the promotion the Foundation will organize seminars, workshops, conferences, debates, lectures, exhibitions, camps throughout the state and country. The Foundation will also work on ancillary and incidental activities pertaining to the promotion of the above said objectives of promotion of heritage, culture and tradition of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

The Foundation will also work for the promotion and preservation of art, culture, languages, tradition of the Himalayan States of India. It will also print and publish magazines, newspapers etc. for the promotion of the above mentioned objectives.
The Foundation will encourage and involve itself in the research and sensitization regarding the importance of Jammu & Kashmir and other Himalayan States for the Geo Political and Cultural importance of the Northern Frontier for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Indian nation.
The Foundation will work for safeguarding the heritage, culture, religion, traditions, rituals and cultural moorings of the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

HIMALAYAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION will encourage, promote and initiate research and scholarship in the field of ritual traditions, art, folklore, oral traditions, music, dance, drama of the Internally Displaced People(IDPs) belonging to the religious minorities of Jammu & Kashmir and the victims of religious cleansing and persecution like the genocide and holocaust of Kashmiri Pandit Hindus,  POJK(Pakistan Occupied Jammu & Kashmir) Refugees, West Pakistan Refugees.